Cyberwarfare - What We Need To Know

We are in the midst of unprecedented hybrid-warfare tactics being waged against us by our adversaries abroad and domestically. 

In no space is this more clear than with the cognitive warfare waged in social media. This is, in effect, the use of very sophisticated Psychological Operations (PsyOps) developed usually by various militaries, and used to target specific individuals all the way through to the general public. 

Richard Benack has a Masters of Science (MS), in Criminal Justice with an Emphasis in Cybercrime and Intelligence Analysis, and is a 20 year Air Force Intelligence and Counterintelligence Officer Veteran, with even more years working in the private security sphere. 

Richard will guide us through the methods of these attacks, their breadth, and what we can do to guard ourselves against them. We will also explore the spheres of domestic terrorism at the shared root of cause, here, and those from foreign lands.