Fixing The US House Of Representatives

We are bringing in one of the nation's top business transformation experts to get her advice about how to fix the dysfunction crisis in the US House of Representatives. Then we are going to send a copy of the podcast to Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and House Minority Leader Hakim Jeffries. 

Elena Astilleros is a much-sought-after guru of the latest proven management theory, integrating the neuroscience of Flow to the evolving Agile Lean Methodology. We are going to apply her ability to employ these techniques in theory, and then send the results right off to leaders in the House. 

Elena's list of accomplishments is impressive. In addition to working with leaders in tech, she has applied her principles to help non-profits and small business leaders. 

Her book Invisible Leader: Facilitation Secrets For Catalyzing Change, Cultivating, Innovation, And Commanding Results was published last year by Sense & Respond Press, and sells on Amazon and other outlets. In it, Elena outlines tactics anyone, or organization, can use to manage change to more harmonious and productive outcomes. 

A partial list of organizations for which Elena has helped deliver solutions: United Nations & World Expo, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Toyota, Sony, Fidelity Financial, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, US Geological Survey, Symantec, and many more.