Racial Inclusivity Work Group

Racism is an inflammatory, hot button issue that even recently has been used, again, by the MAGA-GOP candidates from School Board Director to President of the United States.  Now more than ever, it seems the struggle to end racism is not only more important, it seems more impossible.

We saw SCOTUS rule in 2013 that racism is no longer relevant via their decision effectively nullifying the Voting Rights Act.  In this year’s elections, five states had ballot measures to remove what is effectively slave labor from their state constitutions.  Four passed for removal, in Alabama, Oregon, Tennessee and Vermont. Perhaps not surprisingly, Louisiana did not. 

In this episode, our guest Greg Burrill is here to help us discuss ways to address racism in US culture. Greg serves on the Executive Board the Portland (Oregon) Association of Teachers, is a credentialed K-12 public school educator, long-time advocate for racial issues in his county and state Democratic Party organizations.  Greg is currently an appointed Precinct Committee Person, Co-Chair of the Racial Inclusivity Work Group (RIWG), and State Delegate for the Democratic Party of Oregon.  His RIWG model is a template that is being piloted with measurable success within Portland’s Multnomah County Democratic Party, the most populous and influential official county party organization in the state. Greg holds a Master's in moral philosophy from Johns Hopkins University and is a peace activist who plans to employ Truth & Reconciliation and Restorative Justice as part of the racial healing process in RIWG.