The State Of America's Wetlands

Marcia Hanscom is a writer, communications professional and community organizer. She has served on the National Board of Directors for the Sierra Club, and has been a Sierra Club leader for 30 years. She is an advocate for protecting wild and imperiled species, wild spaces, and public lands. 

A third-generation Southern Californian, Marcia has served on numerous boards of directors for public interest organizations, including her current work on the boards of Americans for Democratic Action/SoCal, and Coalition for a Beautiful Los Angeles. She is a leader and ally in numerous coalitions working for climate justice, and a genuine renewable energy future, including: Protect Playa Now, Last Chance Alliance, and VISION. She is also an active member of Westside Indivisible, and several Democratic Clubs in the region. 

Marcia was a key leader in helping to place hundreds of acres of wetlands and associated coastal habitats into public ownership at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands in Huntington Beach, and at the Ballona Wetlands along the coast of Los Angeles. She is the Director of newly-formed Los Angeles Coast Forever!, a public advocacy organization that was developed to provide support for a three-year study of historical and natural resources of the Los Angeles coast, upon which the National Park Service has been directed by Congress to embark. 

Having overseen numerous public interest lawsuits as a liaison for various environmental and public access cases, Marcia is committed to sustaining laws which protect wildlife and wild places, and keep social justice causes strong.