Who We Are, What We Do

Weekly Town Hall Podcast is a political discussion and roundtable hosted in conjunction with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) featuring guests who are experts and have personal experiences to shine light on our most critical issues. Our podcast is your podcast, serving as a beacon and community space, curating content that informs and inspires any listener. 

We are currently the #2 most participant-engaged official event of the DNC on its official events platform, Mobilize.us, after having started only mid-November, 2022.  

Our guest list of national thought leaders and trendsetters in the political world is as impressive as inspiring. We look forward every week to sharing these amazing humans, their thoughts, work, and what motivates them with our growing listener base.  

Regardless of party affiliation, anyone from anywhere in the world can participate in our informal Zoom taping events, by signing up at the Mobilize.us link on this page.  During these tapings, participants have the opportunity ask questions of, and get to know personally, all of our featured guests.  

We look forward to you signing up, and we are always open to new guest/show ideas.  Do you have a message, cause?  Are you an office-holder, or hold an official government job?  Do you have a passion issue that you would like to get in front of national and local DNC activists?  Are you principal of a grassroots effort that needs more attention?  Are you a whistleblower who wants to report anonymously?  

If so, pllease reach out to our team via email at:  hq@weeklytownhall.com

Mobilize.us, official DNC events platform